At FIAT of Winter Haven, we are happy to provide you with quality new FIAT cars. We also think it’s important to give you useful information on car ownership at large.

One of the more mysterious issues when it comes to car ownership is auto insurance. Some of the confusion comes from the wild variation in price. The price of an insurance premium will depend entirely on the combination of these factors in particular:

Personal Information

Aspects of your life help insurance companies determine how insurable you are. The main focus will be on your driving record. However, how long you’ve been driving, your age, your credit score, and your place of residence are all considered when setting your premium.


It should be no surprise that a new vehicle like the 2018 FIAT 500 is going to cost more to insure than something with a few more years on it. The price to insure something is largely based on its value. In the automotive world (with few exceptions) newer means more valuable.


Perhaps the source of the largest swing in price will come from the coverage you opt for. In this area, you have quite a few choices. One choice you do not have is whether or not to have insurance at all. Driving without insurance is against the law. Car insurance, however, is not a singular entity. The law only requires the basic coverage of Liability.

Liability ensures that there is money available to pay for damages to other people should you be at fault in an accident. It does nothing to secure you and yours. These protections come from other forms of coverage that you can add to your plan at additional cost.

There’s a lot more to know about auto insurance. The knowledgeable team here at FIAT of Winter Haven are excited to answer any questions you may have!