It’s that time of year again… time for all of us at FIAT of Winter Haven to extend our congratulations to the Class of 2018. Whether you’re just getting out of high school and need a car for the commute to college, or graduating college and want to arrive at your next interview in style, we’d like to help you start your new car buying experience off right. 

Before you choose your new FIAT car, figure out your budget. After all, your car payment is only one financial obligation among many — including maintenance, insurance, fuel, rent, student loans, and an ongoing (and ever-growing) list. Make sure you can make those payments comfortably.

Next, understand your credit picture. You may be using your car payment to build your credit history (smart move on your part). You can also use it to rebuild your credit if you’ve racked up some debt in recent years. Either way, the fact that we work with multiple lenders is a big help in getting you the financing you deserve.

Now you’re ready to think about the car. You may have your heart set on a new FIAT model, but if your budget dictates otherwise, remember that we have pre-owned and certified pre-owned FIAT cars as well. They offer a lower price, which means not living on ramen noodles (again).

Finally, gather information and questions. You’ve probably got a fair idea of the features you want, the body type, even the trim levels. Make sure you speak to your FIAT dealer near Auburndale, since sometimes a higher trim is a cheaper way to get everything than taking an a la carte approach to features.

Once you’ve done all this, you’ll be ready for your test drive. Make sure you’ve got proof of income, your license, and your insurance. Our staff will help with the details. If you have questions in the meantime, contact FIAT of Winter Haven or just stop by 190 Ave K SW.