“Which car transmission should I get?” is one of the bigger considerations when buying a car. At FIAT of Winter Haven, your local FIAT dealer near Lake Wales, FL, we’d like to go over your options and help you decide which is right for you.

Manual Transmission

When you physically shift gears yourself with the stick and clutch, you’re using a manual transmission. This type of transmission grants you increased control of the driving experience, so much so that it is suggested for off-road vehicles. Beyond being a more involved method of driving, you get the added bonus of a break on repair costs, due to its straightforward design. Of course, a prerequisite is knowing how to drive a stick-shift, something that is not necessarily common knowledge.

Automatic Transmission

On the other hand, automatic transmissions couldn’t be easier. Instead of you having to shift at the right time, the transmission will sense the need and do it on its own. It makes for a hassle-free drive.It does have a major con, however. With the additional moving parts comes the additional potential for problems. These problems can be a pain to fix, and that pain is likely to transfer to your wallet.

Other Options?

For those who like manual and automatic, you actually don’t have to choose. Semi-automatic transmissions blend the pros of both types to make something especially convenient for the driver. Enjoy far less complicated shifting, or if you’re not in the mood, turn it to automatic and don’t worry about it at all. Be careful though, this technological marvel is even harder to fix than the automatic.

Whether you choose a 2017 FIAT 500 with a manual or automatic transmission you’ll be getting a great car. The divide between the two in terms of performance is far less than it once was. The new FIAT car you choose from FIAT of Winter Haven will serve you well, so stop by our FIAT dealership near Lake Wales, FL and take one for a test drive today!