The importance of a car’s electrical system is often overlooked, despite the fact that one misplaced wire could render the vehicle effectively useless. At FIAT of Winter Haven serving the Lake Wales, FL area, it’s important to us that you know how important the electrical system is, and some of the indicators that it may be on the fritz.

Electricity is most commonly associated with the more high-tech bells and whistles that have become more and more prevalent in modern cars. In truth, whether your car is twenty years old, or a 2017 FIAT 500, you’ll need a working electrical system to even get the car on. These are a few signs of trouble that will hopefully prevent things from getting that far.

Light and sensor malfunctions: with all the screens, HUDs, blinkers, and lights in a modern vehicle, it should be relatively easy to notice if some of them start to function improperly. Be especially on the look out for blinking and flickering light on the dash, and dimming headlights as the vehicle slows.

Battery in disrepair: It is true that the engine does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to powering a car, but it’s the spark from the battery that turns the engine over. Eventually, batteries will start to lose their charge or get worn down. Occasionally this breakdown can get messy, at which point it’s time to change it out. A leaking battery can be dangerous. Allow the trained and equipped service professionals here in the FIAT of Winter Haven FIAT service center to take care of it for you.

Car won’t start: Finally, if your car makes a clicking or grinding sound, or simply doesn’t start in silence you’re likely looking at an electrical issue.

If you spot any of these, come to our FIAT service center in Winter Haven, FL and let our trained professionals take car of your vehicle today!