In just a few short weeks, winter will be a memory and spring will have sprung. Seasonal changes are the best time to make sure your car is in tip-top shape. Your friends at FIAT of Winter Haven, near Auburndale, FL, are happy to help you accomplish that.

Get Your Car Cleaned

Floridians don’t typically have to worry about the snow and ice commonly associated with winter. All the same though, the changing of the season, is a great time to go beyond the cursory car wash and get your car thoroughly detailed and as close to new as possible. Furthermore, getting the car waxed is more important than you may think as it protects the finish of your 2018 FIAT 500L as well as makes it sparkle.

Cleaning the inside of your car can be a bit of a hassle with all the nooks and crannies. Perhaps this life-hack will make it a little bit easier. Try putting cupcake liners in your cupholders. When they get too dirty, just take them out and replace them. It may not be much, but it’ll save you a bit of vacuuming.

Make Sure Everything Works

In a rainy season like spring, you’ll want to make sure your wiper blades are working at their optimum capacity. If they aren’t keeping water off the windshield it’s time for a replacement. If they are working properly, but leaving streaks or other visual obstructions behind, try wiping them down with rubbing alcohol.

Have your tires looked at as well. You’ll want to make sure they aren’t too worn to grip the road. Even more importantly, tire pressure is key. Check your car’s manufacturer recommendations (not the number on the tire) to see what PSI your tires should reach.

A full spring diagnostic in the FIAT service center here at FIAT of Winter Haven would not be a bad idea either. Stay safe and enjoy spring 2018!