Tips to Saving You Money After Graduation

College graduation is such an exciting step that leads into the next chapters of your life, but then shortly after graduation comes the reality of paying back student loans. Luckily, Alfa Romeo FIAT of Winter Haven has some tips on how you can save money as you move forward to starting your new career. Here are 5 tips that can help you from having empty bank accounts.

  1. Establish a Budget

As a new college graduate you probably haven’t had to worry much about managing your money, but now that you are out in the real world having a budget is vital. An effective way to budget your finances is to simply build an Excel sheet that lists all the money you have coming in, plus all your bills with due dates to ensure you have enough spending money at the end of the money. Excel has several budget templates available that can help you organize your finances wisely.


  1. Work Your Way Up to That Dream Job

All too often college graduates only apply to those “perfect” high salary jobs. However, most companies want more than just a degree from a new hire. Having years of experience will be more likely get you into that high salary dream job that you’re after. Therefore, it is more beneficial to take a job that you will be able to learn and grow from, and with hard work you will be able to promote within or gain the experience you need for your sought-out career path. It’s better to start out in a lower income job than to sit back hoping for that top dollar job.


  1. Find Ways to Lower Housing Expenses

After graduation you may need a new place to live, and this can be pretty expensive whether you are buying or leasing. A great way to lessen your housing expense is to find a roommate or two to spit the bills with.


  1. Find the Ways to Save on Car Payments

You also may be in need of a new car after graduation, which can also be a big expense. Luckily, Alfa Romeo FIAT of Winter Haven has special financing consideration for recent graduates (if you have graduated 36 months from purchase date) or soon to be graduates (if you are going to graduate within 6 months from purchase date). Additionally, there are numerous other incentives that you can qualify for to save you even more money and potentially lower you monthly payments. Fill out a finance application to see if you qualify.


  1. Lower Eating Expenses

We all like to save time whenever we can, but is the time saved on eating out worth the money you can save when you cook at home? Planning you weekly meals ahead of time and buying the groceries you need can save you tons of money. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American household spends $3000 a year eating out with a $13-dollar average meal, while the average cost of a home-cooked meal is only $4. It’s not likely you will spend $4 or less when you eat out, so imagine all the money you can save buy cooking your own meals.

The sales team at Alfa Romeo FIAT of Winter Haven we want you to be able to save money, so if you need a new or used vehicle call or visit us today to find out just how much we can save you.