It is extremely important to regularly check your oil levels in order to ensure your vehicle is running smoothly. Engine oil lubricates the moving components of your engine. Additionally, it cleans, cools, and protects these parts, preventing your engine from seizing up. Florida drivers will often experience a buildup of gunk in their oil. Its chemical makeup will also change over time, making it far less efficient. Here are a few signs that you need an oil change from FIAT of Winter Haven.

Check the Color

When looking at the oil on your dipstick, check the coloring of it. Fresh oil should be a transparent light brown which will start turning darker over time and will eventually become thick and black. Once the oil loses its brownish transparency, it’s time to get a tune-up.

Check the Consistency

Remove a bit of the oil from the end of the dipstick and rub it between your thumb and forefinger. If you can feel grittiness and the oil is coarse, not smooth, it’s a sign that it contains too many contaminants and needs to be changed.

When Did You Get Your Oil Changed Last?

If you drive a lot or take long journeys, it’s important to keep track of how many miles you rack up. Experts used to recommend getting your oil changed every 3,000 miles, but you can go a lot longer without an oil change in today’s new cars.

If your FIAT needs a tune-up, bring it to our service and parts center! Our expert team of technicians will be looking forward to getting your FIAT vehicle into tip-top shape again!