Do you have big plans this Labor Day weekend? Do they involve your car? Labor Day is a major holiday for travel and you’ll want to make sure vehicle is up to the challenge. At FIAT of Winter Haven, near Lake Wales, FL, we’d be happy to help you with that.

There are a lot of things to check to make sure your car is performing the way it should be. Often there are seemingly imperceptible issues that go unresolved and lead to major problems later. When you bring your car into our FIAT service center, our highly skilled service technicians will seek out and find these aberrations and repair them in an efficient manner to get you on your way.

This is the very reason for our Mopar Express Lane. You don’t even need an appointment! You just come in and we will give your car a thorough examination and fix any problems we may come across.
Everyone always hears that they should ‘get an oil change regularly’ and that’s very true. Unless you’ve had an oil change recently it would be wise to get it checked before heading out on the open road.

As important as the engine, you’ll want to have your battery tested as well. The engine won’t be much good to you if you can’t turn it on. There aren’t many things worse than being stranded far from home. The techs in our Express Lane will put that thought out of your mind, because if they find a problem with your battery, they will replace it with a new one from our quality FIAT parts department.

You don’t want to forget properly inflated tires either!

At FIAT of Winter Haven, we will check these things and more to guarantee your car is road trip ready!