Part of what makes the cars at FIAT of Winter Haven so great is the technological innovation they possess. It is what makes us more than a new car dealership near Auburndale, FL. We want you to know about some of the innovations available now, and some that are coming soon.

Backseat Camera

Taking your eyes off of the road for longer than a quick glance can be dangerous. Turning your head all the way around to check on what’s happening in the backseat is even worse. With that in mind, the backseat camera was designed to make sure the driver can check on the back rows without diverting too much attention from the road.

Easier Bluetooth Connections

After you go through the pairing process and save your devices to each other, the Bluetooth should connect automatically. However, what if you want to listen to a friend’s playlist? Pairing on the fly can be a bit of an ordeal. That is why some new models have made connecting as easy as tapping a sensor with your phone. It’s hard to beat instant connectivity.

Remote Control Apps

In the same vein, smartphones and cars are becoming more interconnected than ever before. In some of the newer cars, you can actually start the engine from an app. This technology will all but render traditional car keys obsolete, should you so choose.

Steering Collision Avoidance

This is new feature is the next progression from preemptive automatic braking in cases of emergency. Instead of just stopping the car, hopefully before an incident, this system will automatically steer the car around the problem.

Some of this technology is still only available in a select few models, while some of it is widely available right now. Come into FIAT of Winter Haven and see all the innovation an automobile like the 2018 FIAT 500X has to offer.