Regular car maintenance can seem like a chore, and it can be doubly hard to motivate yourself to go in for a check-up if you don’t notice anything wrong. Despite this, however, it is the best way to make sure you don’t run into problems down the line. And while Florida doesn’t get bitter cold winters, it would still be nice to know your car is ready for summer fun. Come into FIAT of Winter Haven near Auburndale, FL, and let the experts in our FIAT service center make sure your vehicle is in its best working order.

If you’ve every wondered why it’s suggested that you get your oil changed so frequently, it’s because of how important it is to have clean oil flowing through the engine. Not only is clean oil more helpful, but dirty oil can be harmful as well. Clean oil keeps all the moving parts lubricated, while dirty oil can cause them to become sluggish and accumulate grime, creating damaging friction, as well as having a corrosive effect.

It’s likely you don’t hear about it as often, but regularly changing your air filter is extremely important as well. The air filter keeps grime and grit out of your engine, while still allowing for the free flow of air. Dirt blocks flow of air which can wreak havoc on the engine and the combustion process that powers your car.

Our technicians at FIAT of Winter Haven will check these and other areas of your vehicle to make sure it doesn’t turn into a problem later. But remember, it’s not a one-time fix, this maintenance need to be performed regularly. Should we find something that needs replacing we will do so with quality parts from our FIAT parts department.