The temperature is starting to rise, and for an area that rarely dips too low in the first place, steps need to be taken to protect your car from those temperatures. At FIAT of Winter Haven, serving the Auburndale, FL area, we have a few ideas on how to protect your vehicle and make sure it makes it through the summer as unscathed as possible.

Sun Shading
A sealed up car, left in the sun for extended periods can begin to feel more like an oven than an automobile. When you’re not using your car, shielding it from the sun can be a great step to take, not only for your comfort but for car’s sake as well. Sunshades are helpful little devices you can put in your windshield and rear window to reflect the sunlight back out, instead of letting it absorb into the car. This will help keep the cabin cool and also protect against sun damage. There are even particularly snazzy varieties that come equipped with solar panels to help charge your battery.

If your car overheats it can be indicative of bigger problems or even lead to them itself. Needless to say, it’s an eventuality to be avoided if at all possible. To that end, staying on top of coolant levels is a must. The network of tubes and channels can be prone to leaks and loosened connection with what seems like no prompt. Let one of our highly trained technicians in our FIAT service center near¬†Auburndale, FL¬†take a look and make sure you’re good to go.

Additional Fluids
Oil, brake, power steering, and windshield washer fluids are the ones you’ll want to pay special attention to. The additional driving of summer road trips or even regular increased activity can put additional strain on your necessary fluids. That makes summer a perfect time to ensure you have what you need. When you come into FIAT of Winter Haven, you can find what you need in our FIAT parts department.