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The team at Alfa Romeo of Winter Haven has compiled a detailed inspection for your car to ensure you stay safe on roads this summer.

It’s August and for our full-time Florida residents, you know what that means— It’s going to be “Florida Hot” for the next two months.  With temperatures in the higher 90s and humidity that makes it feel like it’s raining when it’s not, it’s the perfect weather for the beach, but when you leave you want a reliable, working car. That means taking time for special car maintenance, especially in the summer months, and all of us here at FIAT of Winter Haven are here to help you stay on the road.


Care Tips for the Hottest Florida Days


Make sure to be checking the odometer, which tells you the heat of the car. To maintain adequate temperature, keep the car full of antifreeze. Most people can check this themselves. Also, check the coolant levels, the motor oil and the windshield washer fluid. The caps all have labels on them and the containers have lines on how high to fill it.

The hot weather may be the battery’s worst enemy. According to the American Automobile Association, heat can wear out a battery faster than cooler temperatures can. You should make sure the battery has the power you need and is secured tightly because moving around is not good for the battery’s life either. If the battery is more than 3 years old, check it out and see if a new one is in order or how much longer this one will last. You should also keep an eye on the battery fluid and check for corrosion as heat can cause faster buildup.

The heat can also wear the belts and hoses in your car. They are made of rubber and long exposure to heat can cause cracking. As a preventative measure you should check the hoses at least once a year,but checking them more often in the summer can help keep the car running perfect.

Keep an eye on the tires as well. Heat will expand the air in the tire and that leads to the possibility of a blowout. No one wants a blowout on the way to the beach! So, purchase an affordable pressure gauge to ensure tire pressure levels are ideal for your vehicle. You can also check them for free at most gas stations.

Now there is something that is one of the most important features of a vehicle while living in Florida during the summer and that’s the air conditioning. Have your mechanic check the air conditioner because, frankly, wouldn’t that be better than getting out of the car with a sweaty back?

If these items require replacement, you are going to need a mechanic and FIAT has a free Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection and you don’t have to make an appointment or bring in a coupon!

At FIAT of Winter Haven you can sign up for FCA DrivePlus Mastercard and get a $100 statement plus 5 percent cash back on FCA purchases and that doesn’t include any annual fee. The card can be used for your vehicle maintenance, Mopar accessories, and service contracts, brand gear and even as money for a down payment. Give us a call at 888-877-9614 for service or parts and we’ll take care of it for you. For any further information, come to our dealership at 190 Avenue K SW in Winter Haven to see how we can help with your car maintenance needs or to test drive a new Alfa Romeo Stelvio.