When it comes to keeping your car in good condition, how much emphasis do you put on car washes? At FIAT of Winter Haven, Auburndale, FL’s used FIAT car destination, we’d like to make sure you know just how important a clean car can be.

While it’s easy to recognize your car needs a wash when it’s dirty, you may want to wash it on a regular basis regardless. Even when a car appears clean, it could still have environmental contaminants that will erode the car’s exterior or even cause rusting. How often you should wash your car is dependent on some outside factors.

Your general location is one of the biggest factors. Your environment dictates what conditions your car becomes exposed to. One example of this is proximity to a large salt water body like an ocean. The closer you are to an ocean, the more salt that will be in the air. Salt can have a severe effect on car bodies if not removed quickly. This additional exposure to salt could necessitate washing your car as much as once a week.

That frequency of car washes can be tempered considerably if you have access to a garage or use a car cover. If you take preventive measure against the elements, you can prolong intervals between washes to as much as once a month.

Be sure you don’t forget about keeping the inside clean as well. It can be less obvious, but continued exposure to dust, dirt, and salt can take its toll on your interior as well.

When you make an investment as big as an amazing car like the 2018 FIAT 500L from FIAT of Winter Haven, you want to do everything you can to keep it in pristine form. Regular car washes will make that shine last.